Be Kind!

When I was little, school told us that we could all be ‘the best’ at something; that if you weren’t good at one thing, not to worry because you would be ‘the best’ at something else.

Which was great.

Except that attending a Roman Catholic school, in the 70s, in  rural Wales, meant that there weren’t *that* many things to try your hand at and therefore not many things to be the best at.

As a consequence, I’ve always compared myself to others.

I saw other people succeeding and I knew I could never do any better. I was scared to try new things and often wouldn’t even try – or if I did, I judged myself quickly.

But as I’ve got older, I’ve realised that school got it wrong.

You don’t need to be the best at something.

You just need to be the best that *you* can be.

Do your best!

Obviously at school you have to work hard. And then there’s your job too. But it does go further..

What about being the best person you can be?

What about using kind words? Smiling? Holding doors? It is what my husband calls “old fashion values”.

It might be a small thing to you, but it could make someone else’s day.

Make a difference.

Be that difference.


All Change

Things have been hectic here in the sixdegrees household.

Radio silence has ruled.

It has been hard to find the time to write. It has been hard to find the time to do anything.

In July, Mr six changed jobs. He wasn’t in a good place in the job he had; bullying, long shifts, injuries, poor mental health. But that’s behind us all. He has a wonderful new job now though – and he’s loving it. The Mr six that we know and love is back!

Teen 1 and Teen 2 had exam results (A levels and GCSE).

At the beginning of September, new school term began! Teen 2 started in 6th form and is flying – I’ve never seen him so happy – Teen 3 started his GCSEs and Munchkin in year 2 (drawing a line under what was quite a negative last year).

The start of a new school year also saw me start a new job. Finally coming off supply has been a god-send: regular hours, a chance to get to know my colleagues and form friendships, to build relationships with the students – and a regular income.

Teen 1 left for uni. This has been a long time coming; he was desperate to spread his wings and experience a new life. He’s a very independent and resourceful young man and I just know he’ll make us very proud – and he’s loved his first few weeks, I’m happy to report.

So there we are. All adjusting to new routines, mum guilt heaped on, childcare booked, tired with no time for other things – but very, very happy.

Club Petz Bam Bam

The sixdegrees house is busy.

And noisy.

Two slightly aging adults (ahem), three teens, a 6 year old and a dog that doesn’t know he’s a dog. Add to that, three drum kits and 5 guitars…

Well you get the idea. So when the subject of another pet was mooted, it was fairly quickly vetoed. So when we were asked to review one of the new Club Petz range from IMC, I thought this could be the answer.

FullSizeRender (13).jpg

Bam Bam is an adorable hamster. The packaging that he arrived in doubles up as his house and with the cutest face we wouldn’t wait to play with him. In fact, someone (okay, me) was so keen to play that the button was pressed and he bounced his little home around the living room.

No, really.

He bounces with such enthusiasm that he went off, still attached to the packaging.

And oh! That laugh. It’s so infectious (if a little loud). See for yourself…

I can really see our little niece loving this too; chasing Bam Bam around the living room, excited by his chuckles and bounces.

Bam Bam is available from Amazon, Argos and other toy retailers for £19.99 .

DISCLAIMER: We were kindly sent Bam Bam for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own.

Friday Night Fake Away


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Friday night.

The end of the working week.

Take away.

Well, in the sixdegrees household Friday night usually means pizza. We used to order in from a take away, but now with our boys having after school clubs, meeting up with their friends and working, it’s difficult for everyone to get together, so now we fake away.

Chicago Town  have a fantastic range; stuffed crust, pizza subs, pizza melts, small individual pizzas to large family sized, cheese, chicken, meat… And this means that I can keep everyone happy by getting just what they want.


All the pizzas looked particularly appetising and had plenty of toppings. They had fluffy bases and a generous amount of cheese.

Munchkin tried the 4 cheese deep dish individual pizzas. He said that the sauce was delicious – he even managed to eat both!

Teen 2 and Teen 3 opted for the four cheese melt with tomato stuffed crust. Teen 3 added olives and pineapple to his but both were very happy.

Teen 1 works until late and as the only non-vegetarian in our house, he sampled the BBQ chicken pizza melt (similar to a bun rather than the traditional flat pizza) – I can only assume he REALLY enjoyed it as he practically inhaled it!

DISCLAIMER: We were kindly provided with these pizzas for the purpose of the review, but all words are my own. The Chicago Town ranges are available from all major supermarkets

Reading with The BFG


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Munchkin is an avid reader.

He brings a book home from school every day; he’ll read to anyone who will sit still long enough to listen, he’ll read to me whilst I’m cooking dinner, he reads in bed. He can’t get enough.

We are members of our local library – and over the summer we have taken part in the summer reading challenge. As libraries are celebrating 100 years since Roald Dahl was born, it is called ‘The Big Friendly Read’. Children receive a little pack that contains a reading log and need to read at least six books.


Then as they read and return books they are rewarded with scratch and sniff cards, a book mark, goofy glasses and finally, on completion of book 6, a certificate.

We have been reading the ‘BFG’ together. And today I found Munchkin on my bed, eagerly reading on without me.

FullSizeRender (4).jpg

It is such a wonderful story; Roald Dahl tackles some dark topics with his usual brand of magical words – and with the help of Quentin Blake’s beautiful illustrations, manages to paint very powerful mental images. Beginning with Sophie (an orphan) being snatched from her bed, the BFG’s crazy diet, a meeting with the Queen and ending with acting on a grand plan. Ultimately it is a story of hope and good triumphing when people work together. And it’s enthralling!

The book contains a BFG quiz and you can learn how to draw the BFG. The book also  features a new cover to coincides with the release of the new major motion film.


Once we finish the book together, we will definitely be heading to the cinema to watch!

Cheat and cheerful


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Big news!

I have a new job. An amazing new job. A permanent, all singing, all dancing new job. No more supply. No more 4 hour commute. A job that I have always wanted. And I cannot wait to start.

But one thing that I’m very aware of is how little time there will be for preparing meals. And if you read my blog regularly, you’ll know that family meals are very important in our house.

I’m thinking that slow cooker meals will be an easy way to ensure we sit down to a proper meal every night. I am going to invest in liners for the slow cooker which means that I can spend Sunday afternoon prepping dinners, pop them into the bags and into the freezer, grabbing them each morning. This will also mean that the slow cooker will need little more than a rinse too!

We recently trialled slow cooker vegetarian fajitas which went down a storm! All I did was slice up peppers and onions, throw them into the slow cooker with some Quorn chicken style pieces, crushed garlic, homemade fajita mix and a tin of chopped tomatoes. I left it on low for 6 hours then served in flour tortillas with natural yogurt (in place of sour cream), sliced chillies and some grated cheese.

As for breakfast – well I have a complete winner that means our boys will be heading out with something warming over the winter! Everyone loves a certain fast food breakfast, but it’s not the kindest to the health or the pocket so welcome to my version which has a pocket friendly price tag, it’s low in fat takes less than three minutes to make…

All you need is one Quorn sausage pattie, an egg and a wholemeal muffin.

Simply split the muffin and toast then microwave the pattie for 90 seconds. You’ll need to leave it to stand for a minute so lightly grease a cup, crack an egg into it and lightly break the yolk (yolks explode in the microwave), add a light sprinkle of cheese then microwave for a minute, in 20 seconds bursts just to prevent the egg expanding. Then enjoy…


If you have any quick and easy – cheat and cheerful – recipes, please do tell me

Looking Good


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But, as with everything else in life, you take them for granted.

I’ve recently had to start wearing glasses. I think it’s due to my fibromyalgia. Muscle weakness seems to be a running theme and some days they are really poor and I’m wearing my glasses constantly – whereas I can also find myself not reaching for my glasses for weeks at a time.


But earlier this week, I woke with slightly blurred vision. Kinda like I had got moisturiser in them. It didn’t clear throughout the day which was slightly annoying as I work in a school and need to be able to see clearly. And I had the start of a headache.

The following day I had colourful hues around any text that I was trying to read and my head was beginning to hurt more.

By Thursday I had a grey patch in my field of vision. It was like I’d looked at a bright light and then looked away. And my headache wasn’t getting any better.

When I left work I popped into the optician. They examined my eyes then asked me lots of questions about my coordination, whether I vomited with the headaches and whether I had any loss of balance. The optician spoke to my GP and told me that I had an emergency appointment with the ophthalmologist the following day, at the hospital.

To be honest, all I was worried about was being off work (I have THE best job) and what tests they would do. The idea that someone would want to touch my eyeball made me feel squeamish – but Mr six was really worried and decided he was going to meet me at the hospital.


I ended up having a lengthy field test and was sent to see a consultant who asked lots more questions then squirted some yellow liquid in my eyes, which made me jump. Then she told me it was anaesthetic. She shone a light in my eyes, apparently tou and finally said everything was fine.

Mr six asked her why I had been rushed in and she said that there was a bulge on my optic nerve and with other symptoms, the optician was worried about a possible brain tumour – but that the bulge is down to my fibromyalgia and nothing to worry about as it will rectify itself.

Again, I feel incredibly lucky to have been taken care of by our wonderful NHS

Kinetic Sand Build – Crash ‘Em Cars


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When I first heard about kinetic sand, I was intrigued. It’s a play sand that holds its shape and never dries out, as it is 2% silica oil. So when Spin Master invited us to review a ‘Build’ play set I was really keen to try it out.


The idea for this is that you race and crash the cars which then fall apart – before you rebuild them. The Crash ‘Em Cars set comes with everything you need; moulds, ramps, a track and crucially, two bags of kinetic sand.


It was really simple to set up; the box opens out to form the track and I constructed the ramps (folded the printed card and secured with tabs)


then set about building the race cars…

I was pretty nervous as I’m not the most artistic or creative person, but my first attempt was a success given that it’s so straightforward. You simply fill each mould with sand, shake out the shape and add it to the car… Once I showed Munchkin how to do it, he had a whale of a time and was happily creating his own vehicles.


As you can see, Munchkin decided to mix the colours rather than stick to red or blue. I love this look and you’re only limited by your own imagination.

The boys had a lovely afternoon, outside in the sunshine playing with this set

FullSizeRender (3).jpg

and if laughter equates to success, then I just know that this will be flying off the shelves!

This Kinetic Sand kit retails for around £14.99 and you can find out more about Spin Master and their amazing range of products on their website!

Pocket Microscope from Interplay


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When I was younger, in primary school, I saved up my pocket money and bought a microscope. It sat on my desk, the little mirror positioned so as to reflect the sun and provide a light source. I got books from the library and looked at fibres.

But now it’s all so much easier! And cost effective…

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

This Pocket Microscope from Interplay does exactly what it says: it fits in a pocket.

It comes with ready made slides of different fibres and insects parts, blank slides for you to make up yourself, specimen pots, labels and tweezers as well as a wonderful booklet containing instructions on how to use the microscope and observation activities for you – or your young budding biologist – to investigate.


To get started, you simply need to insert batteries and you’re off.

Munchkin really enjoyed using this – not least because it’s small enough for him to handle, yet with 30 x magnification it is powerful enough to show him a whole new world!

We used the pre-made slides first so that Munchkin could get used to the microscope and how he needed to use it and then we made a slide of our own using membrane from an onion. It was one of the first things I did as a child, so simple and you can see the cells clearly (although my photo isn’t as clear as the view we had).

FullSizeRender (2)

Given that this is priced at just £9.99, I think it is great value for money. It is a fantastic way to introduce children to science without costing the earth and convenient to pop into your pocket for spontaneous trips out.

Instant flower press


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When I was younger, I loved to press flowers.

My mum showed me how to select colourful flowers and carefully arrange them between blotting paper before nestling them in a pile of heavy books. But the problem was waiting. I am impatient. And the idea that a successful press could take 6 weeks was torture.

So when Interplay sent me the Instant Flower Press, I was eager to see if it lived up to the hype.

FullSizeRender (14).jpg

The Instant Flower Press is from the ‘My Living World’ range, which if you’ve read my blog over the last 12 months, you’ll be aware of how much I love this range! Introducing children to nature by firing up their imagination and learning in the very best way, by having fun.

The flower press comprises of a plastic press, two hinge pins, 4 thick felt pads, 2 cotton pads and instruction booklet.

FullSizeRender (13).jpg

I started by selecting some flowers from our garden. We have plenty of forget-me-nots in the borders so I picked some, arranged them between the cotton pads and felt pads, closed the press and microwaved (with half a cup of water, as advised) for 20 seconds.

The dried flowers were particularly delicate as they were so small, so I moved on to violets. SUCCESS!

I even managed to press a poppy. It took longer than 20 seconds, but as it explains in the booklet, larger flowers will take longer. And as you become more experienced, you’ll know which flowers will need a few blasts in the microwave and which will be done quicker.

As for the results, with just a sheet of black card from our crafting box, some glue and an old pesto jar, I’ve made a couple of pretty bookmarks, a card and a jar for paperclips.


It really is so simple to use and to create beautiful items – the only limit would be your imagination. The Instant Flower Press would make a fabulous present for children and adults alike and is available from Interplay and other good retailers for £9.99

*DISCLAIMER – we were kindly sent this product for the purpose of this review, but all opinions are my own*