After feeling pretty guff for a while, I made an appointment to have my bloods taken. My iron is normally low and I struggle to take supplements so I guessed that was the problem. As it turned out my B12 was low and my GP called me in for a chat.

I asked him if my platelets were also low as I was bruising easily. And in weird places – I often have bruising on my knuckles, palm side of my hand for instance. He said that in fact they were on the high side. Oooh a conundrum.

He asked me about my general health – as well as feeling utterly exhausted I explained that I was aching everywhere. Joint pain, muscle feeling like dead weights and skin incredibly tender.

He decided that I needed some further tests and arranged a follow up appointment.

Naively, I assumed I’d go back and he’d have an answer and I’d feel better.

I went back. He had no answers. My test results were baffling as they were all negative despite having been tested positively for one previously.

I felt pretty low.

It’s not that I want to be ill. I don’t WANT to have ‘something’ but I was hoping that an answer would mean an end to feeling like I’m not really living my life. To not needing to sleep all the time. To my husband looking at me and saying, “Come on, let’s get you home to rest”. To being able to get back to being me.

So I’m pinning everything on my next appointment now…

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